What I learned from my 2013 year-end prayer tithe…

I prayed. For 36 days I prayed. It was wonderful and unexpected. I approached 2014 with more excitement and passion than any year in recent memory. This year is different. It’s different for a whole host of reasons, but in particular, because it’s not already latent with failure. I’m a big dreamer but a terrible executor. So January has always been my nemesis. I’d plan big and fail even bigger. February’s were brutal-if I even made it that far!

Not this year. I’ve set my only BIG goal for this year as obedience. God placed that word on my heart early on and kept confirming it over and over and over again as I prayed. I was excited about the direction, but the dreamer in me kept trying to hijack His direction and start planning.

Where should I be obedient?

What are my obedience goals?

What if I make an obedience goal for each area of my life-marriage, motherhood, ministry, wellness, etc, etc, after naueasting, etc.

I won’t tell you how long I left my browser window on this Michael Hyatt page. It was intoxicating to think about all I could do with God AND Michael Hyatt’s help! (smile)

But Something in me kept saying “wait.” This was not easy. I’ve mentioned here how I sense that God is moving me into a season of “yes.” I’ve been asking God if it was time, and for years the answer came back “no.” No more. So I didn’t conceive that we really needed to talk about anything else. When God says “yes” that’s enough, yes?


God’s “yes” brings with it an invitation. He was asking me if I was going to respond with my “yes.” At first I didn’t really understand the question. Follow me here.

Me-“God I asked you the question, ‘is it time?’ Of course my answer is yes!”

God-“Whitney that question isn’t yours to ask. The question is mine. The answer is yours.┬áMy ‘yes’ comes with a clear call to follow. You don’t ask, and I come behind. I ask, and you follow in obedience.”

Obedience. And not obedience to a grand plan or a magnificent dream, but to the dailiness of yes and no. The dailiness of dying and living. The dailiness of planning and executing. The dailiness of hope and hard work. The dailiness of confidence and conviction.

So there it is. I still want to know the master plan. But for now I am happily waiting on the Master’s Plan. In the meantime I’m saying, “yes.” It doesn’t sound glamorous I know. It doesn’t sound all together different than 2013 to be honest. But God did give some clarity.

Last year I tried to say “yes” in the moment to His leading. In many areas I wasn’t consistent, and I didn’t follow through. As I prayed about how to make 2014 different I got some surprising clarity.

It would be nice if I could tie it up in a nice, journalistic summary. I can’t. I don’t know if it’s my lack of skill as a writer or the fact that I have to leave for car pool in three minutes. But there it is. I’m being obedient…


  1. Gillian Thornback says

    Wow! I love God’s response to you … “You don’t ask and I come behind. I ask and you follow in obedience”. This is huge! And it gripped my soul. How many times have I asked that question, and without knowing it, was expecting Him to come behind…that is not how it is suppose to be. What a great reminder of Truth. One that I will have to have “selah” throughout my day. Thank you for sharing, even if it was two years ago you wrote it, it has impacted my life today.

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