Winding down and ramping up

from More Than enough

from More Than enough

Can you believe it’s December 2013? It seems impossible that the year is almost over. We’ve just packed away Thanksgiving, have barely begun Christmas but the New Year is breathing down my neck. I don’t know why I feel it more this year than in years past-the turning of the page. It’s weird because I usually just kind of survive December. I love it. I do. We truly try to live moment to moment, not because I’m super spiritual but because sometimes it’s all I can do. Just get to the next party or event. Just fix the next meal. Just wrap the next gift. Just celebrate the next milestone. Moment to moment.

So I usually start thinking about January on December 31st while I’m cleaning up my kitchen from the last party of the year. I guess truth be told by then it’s already “next year.” The ball has dropped, the food has grown cold and next year has become this year.

Not this year. I can’t shake the feeling that I need to start thinking about next year now. I don’t know for sure the reason why, but I do know when something like this changes the Source is usually Someone other than me. It is a new season for me. I don’t know fully how God wants me to make the most of this new season, but it’s going to take some planning. My days don’t usually reflect a lot of strategy. Can any other Momma testify? I feel successful and productive when I remember to thaw out the meat I intend to cook for dinner.

My typical modus operandi for dealing with life change is to jump in and make a plan. I plan like a boss. Executing that plan not so much. And nothing saps my energy and motivation like seeing my shiny new plan tank like the Titanic.

In 2013 I sensed God wanted me to move into a season of preparation. He didn’t really give me more to the plan than that. Believe me I asked (read-pleaded, begged and pouted. Shockingly God is not moved by pouting.) Anyway, in 2013 I tried to just say “yes” to whatever in-the-moment God-sized opportunity was in front of me. I think 2014 will be different.

But I don’t want to sabotage it by missing the icebergs.

So I’ve been doing something really uncharacteristic. I’ve been praying. Here’s what I’m thinking. I’m planning for the next year…365 days. So I’m going to offer a prayer tithe in preparation. 36 days of prayer. I started on December 1st. I’m going to pray through December. Then on January 1st, I’m going to submit a plan to the Lord. Through the first week of January He can edit it to align with His will. Now don’t get all Sunday school-ish on me. He can totally edit it anytime He wants. But I have a problem. I can kind of suffer from analysis paralysis. So at some point I need to “hit send.”

I’m so excited for 2014. I won’t miss Christmas, but I also won’t waste New Year. I won’t make impulsive, impressive goals that don’t align with His will. I won’t set myself up for failing or flailing. I will be prayed up and purposeful. Yeah. That’s how I want to celebrate the New Year. Happy almost 2014.

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